GTA: Liberty City Stories PSP

GTA: Liberty City Stories PSP

GTA: Liberty City Stories is an open-world adventurous game to explore the criminal and mafia family in San Andreas on your PSP, ROM, and Android devices. The GTA is played from the perspective of a third-person character with the smooth flow of a 3D camera view, and you can unlock many new worlds with your performance. Players can also enjoy multiplayer mode for up to six players on their PSP.

Category Information
Game Title GTA: Liberty City Stories
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date October 24, 2005
Developer Rockstar Leeds
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Action-Adventure
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
Setting Open world fictional city based on New York City
Protagonist Toni Cipriani
Storyline Prequel to GTA III, follows Toni’s rise to power in the Leone crime family
Gameplay Features Vehicles, weapons, side missions, mini-games, and a wanted system

Features of GTA: Liberty City Stories

Background of GTA revolves around the character Tony who can explore different regions and map areas of a given location with the following features of Liberty City Stories:

  • Players can move freely in any direction and explore indoor and outdoor locations, shopping areas, clubs, and other buildings and unlock more dressing essentials.
  • You can also access various cars and public transport like taxis, motorbikes, airplanes, and armed tanks. But then, access to armed tanks and planes is limited to some regions.
  • The main goal for players of GTA is to clean criminal and mafia gangs from their areas and get more advanced weapons, rest houses, and bundles of money.
  • The 3D display of the interface is fascinating, and you can move your player with simple controls of game modes and follow the map to reach your destined targets.

Hence GTA: Liberty City Stories is more interesting to play on PSP and will give an amazing experience. You will enjoy unlimited locations, water, and air travel and drive any car with interesting soundtracks with remarkable progress in each challenge.