Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories PSP

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories PSP

It is impossible to be a gamer and unaware of Vice City. The two things never go along. It is because almost every gamer worldwide knows this city more than they know about their real towns. 

Category Information
Game title Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release date October 31, 2006 (NA); November 10, 2006 (EU)
Genre Action-adventure, open world
Developer Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar North (co-developer)
Publisher Rockstar Games
Setting Fictional city of Vice City (based on Miami, Florida)
Protagonist Victor Vance, a soldier who turns to a life of crime
Gameplay mechanics Third-person shooter, driving, melee combat, stealth
Features Main storyline, side missions, sandbox-style gameplay
Multiplayer options Multiplayer mode, ad hoc mode
Reception Generally positive reviews, with particular praise for the game’s graphics, story, and open-world design.

PSP presents Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories PSP with a twist of events and more fun elements. Grand Theft Auto is probably the only game to earn billions of fans worldwide. In the gaming world, it became a storm that ate up every other game in the same genre. 

What’s New?

It isn’t easy to recreate a thing that has earned that much popularity. People expect more than what they experienced in the past. That is why Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories PSP comprises many new and enchanting factors. 

Being a brave city cop trying to collect money for his sick brother, you will be compelled to contact the underworld. Your brother’s life is in your hand, and you will not stop until you get enough money to cure his ailment. 

If you have played the previous installment of this stunning game, you will feel the following changes in the game:

  • Your primary focus will be to build your own empire in the Vice City.
  • You need to work for your worst enemies for this purpose.
  • Both AI and NPCs are improved. 
  • The environmental and atmospheric looks are fresh and more captivating.
  • The old elements of the game are also sustained.

Therefore, you will love playing the latest version of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories PSP.