Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is an adventurous third-person game to perform ghostly tasks to capture the evil souls on your PSP and PPSSPP with a horror display of gameplay. Players can unlock more challenging missions, and you can make words with devil ghosts to collect the souls on your rides and feet. You can access the fire weapons like hellfire and attacking chain to finish your enemies and grab your targeted souls.

Category Information
Game Title Ghost Rider
Developer Climax Group
Publisher 2K Games
Platforms PS2, PSP
Genre Action-adventure, hack and slash
Release Date Feb 13, 2007 (NA)
Modes Single-player
ESRB Rating Teen (13+)
Storyline Based on Marvel character
Gameplay Use chain whip and Hellfire attacks
Reception Mixed reviews

Customize your Ghost Character

In ghost rider, after completing certain challenges and missions, you can unlock more tasks and setting options to change the style of your character. You can alter the display options with different skins and visual and audio effects to make your performance more impressive. With the increased performance of your ghost rider, you can unlock shoot attacks and hellfire with more power to become a vampire hunter.

Storyline Performance of Blade

There is also another caretaker character compared to the ghost rider, and with a selection of blades, you will experience another interesting storyline. This character is limited to health goals and has only daylight to find the departed souls and enemies. Players should be attentive while using the weapon dose of the blade, and they can get the energy to restock by destroying their enemies.

  • The vehicle source for the blade is a racing motorcycle, and in advanced levels, he can use blasts and fires for attacks. 
  • Players can also use combat skills and use swords to compete with enemies.
  • With more power, the characters will use powerful weapons and projectiles to defeat enemies. 
  • Other alternative characters of ghost rider are demon biker, scarecrow, deathwatch, and many other horror gameplay of Ghost Rider.