Flatout: Head On

Flatout: Head On

Flatout: Head On is a thrilling racing game with destructive adventures and competitions to enhance your intensive driving competitions. With PSP controllers, players will worry less about the destruction of their racing; they want to grab the highest points to unlock more challenging competitions. Flatout is maintaining the highest positions due to the most challenging stunt activities that will blow your mind, and you can get the highest ranks in the leaderboard.

Category Information
Title Flatout: Head On
Developer Bugbear Entertainment, Six by Nine Studios
Publisher Empire Interactive, Konami
Platforms PSP
Release date March 14, 2008
Genre Racing, vehicular combat
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
Rating ESRB: T (Teen), PEGI: 12+
Metacritic Score PSP: 73/100

Learn to Survive in Mass Destruction

In rash driving of Flatout: Head On, players will experience destructive competitions, and you can lose any challenges due to vehicle destruction and sensitive injuries to players. While performing stunts, players can break their bones and car destruction by metal breakage and the sudden collapse of huge cars. 

There are two modes of Flatout, i.e. Flatout Mode and Carnage Mode, where players can play with their preferable circumstances and get a taste of carnage soundtracks and unlimited tracks for racing competition. The primary goal of players is to make top points to reach the first three ranks and enable them to unlock further challenging levels.

  • You can also enjoy the offline and online playing of Flatout: Head On with more than eight players on your PSP system and leave smoke in the air with the high speed of your racing cars. 
  • Ragdoll’s physics of gameplay will help you to fly in up skies, and you will observe real accidents that will throw your driver out of the car. 
  • It will also provide the experience of crashes and target hitting to grab the highest ranks. 
  • Players can also learn stunts and fast driving skills in mini-games of Flatout and unlock more challenging competitions.