Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection is a thrilling role-playing game for the PSP and PPSSPP collection, and discover the new adventures of Baron castle. The gameplay is full of HD graphics and Interlude facts of the final fantasy series to make players interact more with the interface of the complete collection of final fantasy. Players are awarded powers and magic to fight huge monsters and monkeys and get more rewards.

Category Information
Title Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection
Developer/Publisher Square Enix
Release Date Feb 24, 2011 (Japan), Apr 19, 2011 (NA), Apr 22, 2011 (EU)
Platforms PSP
Genre RPG
Modes Single-player
Rating E10+
Synopsis A compilation of FFIV, its sequel, and a new scenario, featuring turn-based battles, job system, and a storyline about redemption and saving the world.

Features of Final Fantasy IV

Players will control the Cecile characters, and other helping characters are Rydia and Rosa, that will perform to finish the monsters and use powerful magics. There are the following main features of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection:

  • The active time of the battles of Final Fantasy IV is displayed on the screen, and you can control the group performance of your players through the controllers of PSP.
  • You will be entertained by the surprising voice tracks of the characters, and interesting storytelling characters will provide exciting performances.
  • The leading characters will be guided to direct attacks and insert the black and white magic powers to destroy monsters and opponents.
  • Players can also unlock more intensive fight collections of final fantasy iv and collect huge powers to make their characters more strong in performing the attacks from control and Connon centres of final fantasy.