Field Commander PSP

Field Commander PSP

Filed Commander is an adventurous military game to enjoy advanced strategies and brave action from the military alliance. Field Commander is developed for the PSP system and develops strength through numerous military performances. Players can deeply explore all military perspectives, like airstrikes and sub-marine voyages of the naval category with the super supply of weapons and explosions. Players will control the army with strong control actions and unlock more territory regions.

Category Information
Game Title Field Commander
Developer Taito Corporation
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date June 27, 2006
Genre Turn-based strategy
Platforms PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer (Ad hoc)
Plot The player takes on the role of a military commander tasked with leading a fictional military campaign to liberate a region called Azlatan from an oppressive dictatorship.
Gameplay Features – Over 30 missions<br>- Variety of unit types<br>- Fog of war mechanics<br>- Base building and resource management<br>- Tactical combat<br>- Terrain and weather effects<br>- Upgradable units<br>- Decision-making and consequences
Reception – Metacritic score: 70/100<br>- Praised for its depth and variety of gameplay mechanics<br>- Criticized for its presentation and technical issues

Performance in Field Commander

Players can select numerous options to play the game, and the most suitable option for simple and unique activities is transmission mode, card shark mode and killing depth mode. In this mode, players will be assigned targets, and you have to follow the map and complete your task and unlock more advanced levels. You can select any avatar of the preferable field officer and control your camp with junior officers to get more power and bonuses.

Destructive Weapons

You can explore the primary and secondary weapons of the field Commander, and in primary ammunition, you are allowed to restrict fuel. While in the secondary ammunition system, you will get unlimited weapons and destroy your enemies in a brutal way. 

You can also access various options for transport to different regions, like boats, planes, ships, cars, tanks and trucks to detect your opponents and destroy their regions. You have to avoid using a weapon in ammunition storage to avoid intensive blasts. 

Control System of Field Commander

The control centre for the army commander is highly important, and you can use Laser and satellite, and defensive air systems to keep a strict eye on the surroundings. You can also manage the customization of maps and instructions to control all military activities in the best way