In the Exit gameplay, players will be surprised by adventures and puzzles by enjoying PSP stations and ROM games. The dominating aspect of Exit is to help other people as the role of survival and boost your performance by helping more people. The main character is Mr. ESC, who will explore open landscapes, buildings, hospitals, commercial places, school roofs, and the shore areas to help other needy people. You will also access other supporting characters like Jet and other companions, who will help to survive the parents and special person in their target locations before any time limits.

Category Information
Game Title Exit PSP ROMs
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre Puzzle, action-adventure
Developer Taito
Publisher Square Enix
Release Date JP: December 22, 2005; NA: February 14, 2006
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB rating E for Everyone
PEGI rating 3+
Description Players control Mr. ESC, a professional escape artist
tasked with rescuing people from dangerous situations
by solving various puzzles and overcoming obstacles.

Features of Exit

In this gameplay, at the start of each mission, the targeted time is assigned and displayed on the screen, and you have to help as many peoples as you can to pass each level. These people are divided into different categories:

  • Young & Adults
  • Children
  • Patients

You can control your leading player with a PSP controller and jump, run, and climb at fast speeds. The player will jump from high roofs and obstacles and dive into deep waters to save the life of the people. You can also transport patients to their targeted emergency rooms and make more points for your survival. After completing each level, you will be awarded special rewards and points to enhance your performance.

In the Exit game, you can access tools like an axe and wires to clear your area and enable the light feature in different dark areas. Sometimes, you can also ask for the help of their people to shift your targeted person to their position so that you can complete your exit point in a limited time.