EA Replay

EA Replay

Electronic Arts Replay is a collection of classical and adventurous fourteen games from games of 19’s that will turn your PSP into an arcade collection of your favourite games. You can play these games for unlimited repeated times and customise the graphic options and control music tunes according to each category of EA games. Players can also enjoy the head-to-head system and Ad Hoc multiplayer support to enhance particular features of specific games.

General Information Description
Game Title EA Replay
Developer & Publisher Electronic Arts
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre Compilation
Release Date November 14, 2006
Summary EA Replay is a collection of classic Electronic Arts games for PSP, featuring updated graphics, new features, and a multiplayer mode. It includes 14 popular games such as “Road Rash,” “Syndicate,” and “Wing Commander.”

Collection of EA Replay

In EA Replay, there is a fantastic collection of games, and you can unlock their advanced features and missions to make your PSP performance more interesting. There are the following categories of games in EA Replay:

  • Budokan – The Martial Spirit
  • Jungle Strike
  • B. O . B
  • Desert Strike – Return to the Gulf
  • Mutant League Football
  • Road Rash 1, 2 & 3
  • Haunting Starring Polterguy
  • Syndicate
  • Wing Commander and other Wing Commanders with Secret Missions
  • Ultima VII – The Black Gate
  • Virtual Pinball

You can enjoy the exciting features of all categories of EA Replay and unlock the advanced performance of your favourite game. You can also play with single mode or multiplayer mode with your friends to make more thrilling performances. Players can also enable the musical tracks of EA Replay to boost their performance and unlock new art for long and unlimited time hours