Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors is an action-based RPG game created for the PSP to enjoy the wonders of three kingdoms. Numerous fighting elements in dynasty warriors are created to defeat opponents with solid tactics and strategies of fighting. You can explore the customized mode of Dynasty that gives you a chance to fight in any kingdom and explore all kingdoms one by one. Relatively the characters of dynasty warriors are designed to highlight the struggles and efforts of real heroes who saved the authority from the outsider opponents to create a peaceful ambiance.

Category Information
Game Title Dead to Rights – Reckoning
Platform PSP
Genre Third-person shooter
Developer Rebellion
Publisher Namco
Release Date Aug 30, 2005
Modes Single player
Storyline Jack Slate investigates crimes in Grant City. Set before the first game.
Gameplay Shooting, hand-to-hand combat, stealth. PSP version has new weapons and mini-games.
Reception Mixed reviews, Metacritic score of 63.

Fighting Modes

You can also practice the culture’s weapons of ancient times and become an expert in fights, and you will become a complex warrior as you spend long hours on Dynasty Warriors. For the variety of players, there are two game modes like 

  • Endurance Mode
  • Practice Mode

Characters in Dynasty Warriors

The characters of Dynasty Warriors are included in numerous varieties, and almost six characters are available as the default players, like Zhang Fei, Lu Xun, and many others. While advanced players can be unlocked by advanced performance and unlimited fighting techniques. 

  • These techniques are obtained by various weapons provided to destroy enemies, and you can also use shields to block the effects of the opponent’s attacks.
  • Ancient explosives and arches of the Chinese cultures are used in gameplay with more controlled tools.