Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Dissidi: Final Fantasy

In Dissidia: Final Fantasy, exciting fights occur between two gods, cosmos and chaos, and these act as the protagonists and antagonists characters. The fights are related to getting command of authority and power, and RPG elements are designed for PSP gameplay. The final Fantasy of players is to get command of their relevant characters and get more attacking and bravery points.

General Information Description
Title Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Developer & Publisher Square Enix
Platform(s) PSP, Arcade, and PS4
Release date(s) PSP: Dec 18, 2008 (JP), Aug 25, 2009 (NA), Sep 4, 2009 (EU); Arcade: Nov 26, 2015 (JP); PS4: Jan 30, 2018 (JP), Jan 11, 2018 (NA and EU)
Genre Fighting
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Synopsis A fighting game featuring Final Fantasy characters summoned by deities to battle for them. Unique gameplay system with 3D arenas and RPG elements.

Features of Dissidia: Final Fantasy

You will explore numerous companions and followers of Dissidia: Final Fantasy and the horrible fighting scenes involved to clear the final results. You can also explore the following features of Final Fantasy:

  • There are various challenges and power quests that are easier at the beginner level but become more difficult and hard for players at advanced levels.
  • Each player has the bravery points represented as BRV points, and the health of gods is shown as HP attacks.
  • One player will attack the other, and it will impact its HP attacks in any case of injury and attacks. When you have enabled the BRV points, you can never start the HP options, and it will automatically restart after the time limit of BRV.
  • It also provides the EX mode, where you can get EX Guage and bursts to destroy the opponent player. You can activate the burst points in sudden attacks to get less impact of attacks from opponents.

The Final Fantasy of Dissidia will make you addicted to fights and decides to give power to the god of lights or gods of darkness with countless numbers of ambitious followers.