Dead to Rights – Reckoning PSP

Dead to Rights – Reckoning PSP

Dead to Rights – Reckoning PSP game, you will play the role of a policeman who has to kill criminals. The policeman is Jack Stymon and aims to complete all crimes for the COP character. Dead to Right – Reckoning PSP game, you forbid the lives of citizens. Even those policemen who cheat on citizens and become corrupt should be eliminated and forbid the lives of citizens.

Category Information
Game Title Dead to Rights – Reckoning
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date August 30, 2005
Developer Rebellion Developments
Publisher Namco
Genre Third-person shooter
Mode Single-player, Multiplayer (Ad hoc)
ESRB Rating M (Mature)
PEGI Rating 18+

So first, adopt a strong character and pick powerful weapons as a hero. Then criminals will attack you to finish you, but you must be careful throughout the game. Many criminals sneak into the city. They have to be picked and killed. In this game, being a police officer character takes work. You face competition from corrupt police officers and criminals. 

Eradication of Crime and Roosters in the City 

Dead to Rights – Reckoning PSP world’s best third-person shooter game. In this game, your mission is to finish the criminals. This was developed by rebellion and Namco and was initially released on 28 June 2005. Its platform is only play station portable, so you run on modern technology devices, meaning android devices, Microsoft windows, laptops, and iPhone operating systems.

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