Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno

In the adventurous gameplay of Dante’s Inferno, Dante acts as a unique soldier to protect the holy place of the kingdom. The duties and performance of the main character become more interesting when the players have to protect the members and prisoners of the group, and combat fights are created to enhance the fighting methods. You can also learn the use of weapons and battles in the practice mode of the game and unlock more interesting missions.

General Information Description
Title Dead to Rights: Reckoning
Platform PSP
Release Date Aug 23, 2005
Developer Rebellion
Publisher Namco
Genre Action, Third-Person Shooter
Modes Single-player
Plot Jack Slate, a cop, and his K-9 dog solve crimes through shootouts, combat, and puzzles in Grant City.
Reception Mixed reviews for solid shooting and unique features, but repetitive gameplay and graphics criticized.

Battle and Weapon System of Dante’s Inferno

Dante will explore the series of fights, and the control system of characters is instructed by PSP and PPSSPP system with the third person perspective. At the beginning of the levels, the battlefield will be easy, but it will become more intensive with advanced levels.

The combat tools for the character are a holly cross, and Scythe used to destroy and injure the giant opponent monsters. These weapons can also be upgraded by the progress of Dante’s performance, and the skill tree is the primary source to get more collections of weapons. These weapons are readily displayed on-screen control, and you can activate these tools in teh simple way.

  • The main character can participate in mini-game practice fights in the absolving system of Dante to get more worth of a holly experience. 
  • In Dante’s Inferno, the character will be less Holy in earlier stages, and with Holy Cross, the player will become more powerful and get extra power from the skill tree. 
  • You can also use ropes and magical tools to destroy opponents and climb on walls, fire hells and solve puzzles to unlock more weapons and missions of Inferno world