Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows

Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows

Corpse Party is the most popular horror video game with different chapters and series with unique, thrilling adventures. Corpse Party – Book of Shadows is the series after the nonlinear chapters, and you can explore the bloody and hunting situation that will give you terrifying feelings. The leading characters are Sachiko, Ayumi, and Naomi, with other popular students and characters. The gameplay will control the movements and actions of characters with the PSP controller and use the strategies to escape from the access of the ghost characters.

Category Information
Title Corpse Party – Book Of Shadows
Platform PSP, iOS, Android, PC
Developer Team GrisGris, 5pb., MAGES.
Publisher Xseed Games (NA), Marvelous Europe (EU)
Release Date Sept. 2011 (JP), Jan. 2013 (NA)
Genre Survival horror, visual novel
Description Sequel to Corpse Party, features short stories set in a haunted school. Gameplay is exploration, puzzle-solving, and decision-making. Sprites and haunting soundtrack create atmosphere.
Reception Generally positive reviews for storytelling and horror elements, criticized for heavy dialogue and lack of gameplay variety.

Features of Corpse Party – Book of Shadows

The series of Book of Shadows provides intensive bloody situations with ghost souls and new exciting surprises to engage players with different levels. You will be surprised by the following features and enjoy the adventures of shadows:

  • The Gameplay of Boos of Shadows begins with the wrong situations of the old school, and the new changes are updated with more horror elements.
  • Sachiko is the leading character of the ghosts and permits them to send back the student to their real-life situations and erase the memories of these horror souls.
  • Satochi is among the returned student with affected minds and bends students to pass through the heavenly doors, where they will be attacked by ghosts and horror souls.
  • The heavenly host explodes with blood and murders, and the helping characters of Ayumi and Naomi try to help other students uncover the ways of back magic and blood drive.

In a series of Book of Shadows from Corpse Party, you will unlock more hunted challenges, and these further terrify the players with adventurous visual and sound effects.