Coded Arms

Corpse Party

Corpse Party is thrilling and adventurous gameplay with the further additions of RPG effects, and you can enjoy the gameplay on PSP system and iOS mobile devices. Corpse Party will make you addicted to thrilling and horrible levels, and the enhanced sound effects of the characters and the challenges will make the game more realistic and attractive. You can unlock more intensive missions, and the story play of each particular level will give enhancing horror effects.

Information Description
Title Coded Arms
Developer Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher Konami
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release date June 7, 2005 (NA), July 7, 2005 (JP), September 1, 2005 (EU)
Genre First-person shooter
Mode Single-player, multiplayer
Rating ESRB: M (Mature)
Description A first-person shooter game set in a randomly generated virtual reality world with single and multiplayer modes. Developed by Konami for PSP and released in 2005.

Background of Corpse Party

In Corpse Party, the background of the gameplay revolves around the horror story of a high school where the annual celebration of students is occurring to enjoy more fun and other educational activities. The surprising aspect begins when students start the conversations about ghosts and horror souls. Suddenly the situation changed, and it felt like the school was attacked by ghost souls.

In the different levels of Corpse Party, you will explore the numerous stories that will belong to the cruelness of these ghosted souls. There are many characters of ghosts like Satoshi Mochida, Naomi Kishinuma, and some of their class fellows. These characters were abolished by the murderer thirty years ago, and now they want justice and punishment for their murder.

  • At the corpse party, you will explore more terrifying situations and challenges to solve the mysteries of ghosts.
  • Long play hours of the game with exciting visual and sound effects that will make you addicted to the interaction with ghosts and explore their stories.