Attractive Features of Castlevania

In Castlevania, the players will explore six difficult stages, and each stage is available with three further missions. These missions are more difficult than the player assumes its level of hardness. At the beginning of gameplay, the player will be awarded five hearts and five lives, and the life limit is displayed with a bar line. 

  • You can activate the more intensive weapons to destroy the monsters and enemies. 
  • When you finish the mission of each stage, you will explore the boss monster, and you have to complete the monsters before your life ends. 
  • In case of completion of player life, you have to start the particular stage from the beginning level.
Category Information
Title Castlevania
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Release Sept. 26, 1986 (NES)
Genre Action-platformer
Mode(s) Single-player
Synopsis Simon Belmont fights Dracula
Legacy Spawned sequels, spin-offs, adaptations

Power Up Boosters & Weapons

A player fighter will use the whip, which is the magical tool to kill the vampires and monsters, and you can access the hidden items that will increase the time length of your whip. You can also get more weapons and fruits that will increase your life, and you can fight with an increased limit.

The player will also use axes, knives, swords, holly water, and jars to kill and freeze the opponents, and you can use one weapon at a time. With more hidden targets, you can unlock more weapons and powers that will help to fight with monsters of Castlevania.