Brave Story: New Traveler:

Brave Story: New Traveler:

Tatsuya, a twelve year old boy who accidentally became Miki’s friend, one day, the two were sitting on a bench while playing Brave Story: New Traveler role playing game. When Miki got close to the dog, Tatsuya realized that Miki was missing. He got an idea from Miki’s dog and went to find Miki. Kratos pointed to him and told him that Mickey was lying over there. Tasuua arrived, saw that his friend was suffering from some disease, and expressed his desire to cure him. He asks how to help, picks up his sword to help his best friends, and begins his adventure. Tatsuya’s goal is to help his friends recover. All the events on which the games are based are taken from the novel. 

Category Information
Title Brave Story: New Traveler
Developer Game Republic
Publisher SCEA, XSEED Games
Release Date July 4, 2006 (Japan); August 30, 2007 (North America)
Platform PlayStation Portable
Genre Role-playing
Mode Single-player
ESRB Rating E10+ (Everyone 10 and older)
Story Overview Wataru, a young boy from the real world, enters a fantasy world called Vision, where he must embark on a journey to become a “Brave” and save the world from destruction.
Gameplay Features Turn-based battles, customization of characters and equipment, dungeons with puzzles and hidden treasures, multiple endings depending on player choices.

A Possible Effort for the Recovery of Miki 

In the latest version, you upgrade the roster mode. In the roster mode, custom gets your favorite characters. Some influential character names are given below for trustworthy users to win the battle and defeat the opponent used in wars. Meena, Wataru, Kutz, and many more choose to fight in order to play a game. Brave Story: New Traveler RPG is a single-player video game. If you want to download it, you must do so before the PPSSPP emulator.

This application is mainly downloaded because the Android emulator allows all PlayStation mobile games to be played on android devices without hesitation. Brave Story: New Traveler does not directly work on your smartphone because its developer has just one platform allowed, so that is the reason people mainly download PPSSPP applications on their android devices. This game, developed by Republic, was also initially released on four July 2006. If you want to download, click this page’s download button to get its modded version for free.