Brandish The Dark Revenant PSP

Brandish The Dark Revenant PSP

Here the players are made to play the role of swordsman and Arnos, who go through the difficulties of monsters and traps where they have to go up more than 50 floors to save their lives, and sometimes encounter enemies during the journey, the sorceress Della. Delon, who opposes, Struggles to extract bobby traces from enemies and enter large dungeon floors that offer the opportunity to explore caves and ships in ancient ruins while fighting in brandishing the dark revenant psp.

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General Information Description
Platform PSP
Release Date Jan. 13, 2015
Genre Action RPG
Developer Nihon Falcom
Publisher Xseed Games
Modes Single-player
Plot Swordsman fights his way out of an underground labyrinth while uncovering its secrets.
Gameplay Real-time combat, puzzles, exploration, weapon and armor switching, magic spells, and monster capture system.
Reception Generally positive reviews, praised for challenging gameplay and dungeon design, but criticized for slow pacing and lack of variety.

Game Extra Information: 

  • Name: Brandish The Dark Revenant PSP
  • Developed & Published by: Xseed Games
  • Downloading Size: 1 GB
  • Initially Release Date: 13 Jan 2015
  • The Regions: United States of America
  • High-Resolution 3D Graphics 
  • Excellent Exploration & Complete System