Bounty Hounds

Bounty Hounds

Shortly, consumable life resources will slowly run out. So Bounty Hounds, the players will be attacked by alien races. So the alien living here has already started threatening. Bounty Hounds role-playing video game Maximillian, the leader of all the mercenaries, leads all the mercenaries in every aspect. No matter the dangers they face with his army. All this fighting work is entrusted to him.

General Information Description
Game Title Bounty Hounds
Developer XPEC Entertainment
Publisher Namco Bandai Games
Release Date August 21, 2006
Platforms PSP
Genre ARPG
Mode Single-player, Multiplayer
Setting Futuristic sci-fi
Plot Bounty Hounds investigate a conspiracy on a remote planet.
Gameplay Real-time combat with RPG elements. Multiplayer mode available.
Reception Mixed to average reviews.

In this video game, your mission is to destroy the stranger because all these strangers are enemies of human living. They want to do all generations in the galaxy so you, as leader, are aware of all armies to a stranger opponent. 

Reached the Galaxy Before the Alien Rave Took Over

Here you play the role of Maximillian. You are Maximilian, who is the leader of this whole game. In Bounty Hound, you will be given ships to ride and visit many galaxies. As a leader, support the innocent who will save their lives. Those who become their mortal enemies will be making waves. The bounty hounds game is easy to custom control, and the missions are completed quickly. This PSP game’s main region is the United States of America & the language allows English. Otherwise, the PPSSPP emulator changes languages easily. 

Pick up an Ax in One Hand & a Hammer in the other 

Bounty hounds role-playing video game only has one platform for playing because its developer, Namco project soul, allowed only PlayStation portable. Most people worry about playing on android devices, and you are our trustworthy user, so we tell you we must provide a better solution for everyone. Before downloading the video game, quickly download the ppsspp emulator on your smartphone. The main reason for downloading android emulators is to give permission for all PlayStation portable games on mobile phones, computers, and other devices with additional high-quality features.