In this action video game, Bomberman works in an underground bomb making factory, but he wants me to get out of there and keeps making escape plans along with work. He knows that my skill can wipe out all my enemies, so he makes bombs to wipe them out. Meanwhile, he escapes from the bomb factory and joins the Galactic force to support the galaxy. So in the Bomberman video game, you are the one who is in the bomb. The dangerous and scary evil professor who plays the opposite role of the players in this game is called Bogora. This Bogora will counter the enemy with bombs that he has already made more than ten bombs to defeat. Hudson Soft and Konami, and others develop this game.

Category Information
Game Title Bomberman
Developer Hudson Soft (now Konami)
Publisher Various (Konami, Nintendo, Hudson Soft)
Release Date 1983 (original), various
Platforms Various (Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, Xbox, PC)
Genre Action, maze
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
Perspective Top-down
Game Mechanics Laying bombs, destroying obstacles and enemies, collecting power-ups
Main Character White Bomberman
Popularity A classic and popular game franchise with numerous sequels and spin-offs

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