Ben 10 Alien Force PPSSPP

Ben 10 Alien Force PPSSPP

Playing games on PlayStation Portable or PPSSPP is every gamer’s fantasy. However, when it comes to Ben 10 Alien Force PPSSPP, they would do anything to experience the game on their favorite device.

PlayStation Portable enhances the fun by offering high-quality graphics and smooth animation. Furthermore, after the success of the first installment of this game, the second has more factors to relish. You can never get enough of Ben 10 Alien Force PPSSPP.

Based on the world-famous Cartoon Network show Ben 10, this game is especially a treat for the kids. However, it does not mean that only they can enjoy the game. People of all ages can feel the same level of thrill.

General Information Value
Game Title Ben 10 Alien Force PPSSPP
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date October 28, 2008 (North America)
Genre Action-Adventure
Developer Monkey Bar Games
Publisher D3 Publisher
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
ESRB Rating E10+ (Everyone 10 and up)
PEGI Rating 12+ (Suitable for ages 12 and up)

Story of Ben 10 Alien Force PPSSPP

Are you wondering about the story of the game? Then wonder no more as we will tell you the plot of this remarkable game in this section. 

You will get to play the role of Ben Tennyson, the heroic figure who can adopt the shape of any alien. It is the most fantastic thing about this play, as Ben Tennyson is almost everyone’s hero.

The following points will give you further details about the game:

  • Ben 10 is leading a group of superheroes in the game.
  • It is set in the era after the end of the first adventure of Tennyson.
  • You are Ben 10 and will have to organize your group to fight a group of tyrants called Forever Knights.
  • They want to get an ancient artifact that can cause the destruction of the world.
  • You and your group need to keep them from finding the artifact.
  • The game has three levels; you can select any of them per your feasibility. 

So, do you want to relish this jaw-dropping and hair-raising game?