Rockman X – Irregular Hunter

Rockman X – Irregular Hunter

Rockman X – Irregular Hunter is the most popular PSP series of the Rockman x, and it is also known as Maverick Hunter in some regions. As it is represented in irregular hunters, the robot is the main character fighting with the giant and powerful bosses. There are challenging fights that will show the powers of an irregular hunter, and you will become addicted to the thrilling controlling points of Rockman x.

Category Information
Game Title Rockman X – Irregular Hunter
Release Date Dec 17, 1993
Developer Capcom
Platforms SNES, Wii Virtual Console
Genre Action platformer
Modes Single-player
Storyline Robot Mega Man X battles rogue robots with ally Zero to stop evil Sigma.
Gameplay Players use X’s abilities to defeat enemies and bosses, with new features like wall climbing and dashing.
Reception Well-received, became cult classic with praise for graphics, music, and gameplay. Spawned sequels and fanbase.

Features of Rockman X – Irregular Hunter

Amination and the graphics of the gameplay are more realistic and will give the real essence of a fight with the competitors and opponents. The players can customize the control option of the PSP controller to fight with more fun and adventure.

You will explore two fighting modes of Rockman X,

  • Normal
  • Hard

You have to choose normal fight mode in the beginner stage, and it will help to make expert in the fighting competitions. While in the hard mode, you will face deadly bosses that are so powerful to destroy you within seconds.

There is a variety of weapons and powers that will support the fighting challenges, and you can customize the map for fights. You can also store your gameplay progress, and it will leave a good impact on your challenges.

Power-Ups for Robots

You have to identify the capsules that are the booster for the energy of your robot, and you can fight with more power and excitement. These power-ups provide the stages for the head, body, foot, and arm parts to restore more energy in the Rockman fighter.