Obscure the Aftermath ROM

Obscure the Aftermath ROM

Games are not about racing, fighting, jumping, solving puzzles, or sports. Sometimes, a game must show deviation to offer something new. While most people like action-packed and jaw-dropping games, others might want something extra.

General Information
Game Title Obscure: The Aftermath ROM
Release Date March 25, 2009
Developer Hydravision Entertainment
Publisher Playlogic Entertainment
Platforms PlayStation Portable, Wii, PC
Genre Survival horror, Adventure game
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
ESRB Rating M (Mature 17+)

Some people love horror and want to play games full of ghosts and evil spirits. Obscure the Aftermath ROM is the same horror game. It is a hair-raising game that offers a number of scenes comprising terror and horrifying events. From the soundtrack to the environment, everything will creep you out. 

We dare you to play this game if you can handle ghosts and evil spirits. However, our disclaimer about the game is you must not play it alone.

The Story of Obscure the Aftermath ROM

A racing game can go without a good story. A sporting match does not need a plot. However, when it comes to horror, you need a sinister tale to make it engaging and captivating. It is because a horror game without a story is like eating a sandwich without bread.

One night a group of students got trapped in the school premises by a monster created by their eccentric teacher. Only a few of them survived, while the beast killed others. Filled with feelings of revenge, the survivors murdered the maniac teacher and thought everything was over.

However, after two years, when they all were studying at a university, things began to change. A mysterious black flower began to spring up everywhere. In an attempt to solve the mystery, the students came to know a terrifying fact. 

What must be the fact? You will have to play the game to know the truth