Medal of Honor Heroes

Medal of Honor Heroes

Both World Wars have inflicted unrepairable damage on humanity. Millions of people died, and assets worth billions of dollars were destroyed. Living and sustaining lives during those times was the most challenging thing.

However, heroes from allies’ armies tried everything to keep enemies away from ordinary people. They put their lives in danger to make their friends and families’ lives safe. Medal of Honor Heroes is a game that pays tribute to those heroes. 

Category Information
Game Title Medal of Honor Heroes
Developer EA Canada
Publisher Electronic Arts
Platforms PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date October 20, 2006
Genre First-person shooter
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
Storyline Set in World War II, players take on the role of OSS Operative Lieutenant

Available on PSP or PlayStation Portable, gamers worldwide have welcomed this game warmly. It is a mixture of action, thrill, empathy, and tragedy. 

Fun Elements of Medal of Honor Heroes

You can now play various PSP games using PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably or PPSSPP. Medal of Honor Heroes is not an exception. This hair-raising and jaw-dropping game has mesmerized people.

This is the perfect play for people who want to relish World War 2 battle time. In the game, you will be a solo player who can attain any one out of three characters. These characters are:

  1. Lieutenant Jimmy Patterson
  2. Sergeant John Baker
  3. Lt. William Holt

These characters have their specialties and characteristics. You will also love the list of astounding weapons this game proffers. These classic weapons include every gadget used in WW2 by either side. 

Some examples are given below:

  • M1 Garand
  • M1 Bazooka
  • Thompson
  • MP40
  • Enfield Rifle 
  • Luger Pistol
  • M1911 Pistol
  • Gewehr Rifle 
  • Shotgun 
  • And more