Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

In Crash Bandicoot, players will enjoy the intensive fights of Crash Bandicoot with invading monsters destroying the peace of Wumpa island. The robotic monsters are creating monsters by turning the creatures of earth into dangerous beings, and the army of monsters is destroying the earth. In the gameplay of Crash Bandicoot, you have a chance to fight with these enemies and save your family and the living space through intensive missions and targets.

General Information Information
Game Title Crash Bandicoot
Developer/Publisher Naughty Dog/Sony
Release Date Sept. 9, 1996
Platforms PlayStation/Xbox/Nintendo
Genre Platformer, Single-player
Storyline Stop Dr. Neo Cortex’s plans to take over the world with a genetically enhanced bandicoot named Crash.
Gameplay Run, jump, spin through levels, defeat bosses.
Reception Critical acclaim, sold over 50M copies.

Gameplay of Crash Bandicoot

The players of Titans will be awarded four lives, and they will explore intensive fighting levels and compete with opponent monsters. The performance of the player is displayed on the screen, and you can control the movement of your player with a PSP controller. Another player can also join in mutual playing of the particular targets. You will explore the following features of Crash Bandicoot:

  • When the player starts each level, your life meter will display the limit of the player’s life and play with more attention to avoid injuries and falls. In case of attacks from the monster, the player will lose his life.
  • There are two types of attacks on opponents, heavy and lightweight attacks, and you have to make careful movements and protect your character.
  • The player will access the Wumpa fruits and hidden items, a big achievement for Crash because they provide the access lifeline.
  • Weapons and magical tools are provided with the difficulty of each level and rank on the silver, gold, and bronze medals to unlock more achievements and hard levels.