Ape Escape Academy

Ape Escape Academy

Ape Escape Academy is a fun and adventurous game to learn in the monkey school and compete in mini-games to interact with other monkey fellows. In the gameplay of Ape Escape Academy, you have to boost your achievement with the monkey business, and it will be fun playing on the PSP and PPSSPP systems. The series of Escape Academy is more interesting to learn the tactics in the classrooms and enjoy the naughty actions of monkies.

Category Information
Title Ape Escape Academy
Developer SCE Japan Studio
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Platforms PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre Party, mini-games
Price $19.99
ESRB Rating E (Everyone)
Length 10 hours main campaign
Graphics 3D, cartoon-style
Soundtrack Original music and sound effects

Fun Attributes of Ape Escape Academy

The players will enter the classroom with the special movements of tic-tac-toe styles provided with the three adjacent lines. These lines include vertical, diagonal and horizontal shapes, and then you enter the particular classroom to perform your assigned tasks.

The classes of the monkey academy are categorized on the basis of the following courses:

  • Junior Class
  • Senior Class

Each of the above classes will include more than nine categories, and you have to pass each level to complete the tasks of the particular class. There are chances that you may lose the game progress due to failed attempts, and then you will restart that level again. You have to observe the habits of monkeys that will help in your game performance, and you can interact with more than four players at the same time and control with PSP player in a more smooth way. In Ape academy, you will get more humour and pleasure with more than 47 mini and short games, and you will boost your performance in the advanced levels of these games.